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"Hunting, trapping, and cooking wild hog"

Hog Hunting!!!

Hog hunting is popular and easy. People like to eat hogs. They like to hunt them. Ranchers don't like hogs because they are destructive. When a hog is hungry, it roots around in the soil and destroys crops. For this reasons farmers don't like them. Ranchers care more about the fact that the hog makes big holes and wallers in the mud. No one likes that.

Do I Have Hogs on my Land?

When a hog has been on your land you'll know it by the waller spots, which are hog sign. Shooting hog is easily done at night with spotlights. Hogs can be baited with corn.

Trap Them

Hogs are trapped as well. People like to trap them because it's easy. Building a hog trap is easy enough, you'll just need to know how to weld. Or not know how, but be willing to learn.

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