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About Hogs

Hog Identification - Many different specie of hog exist in the wild. Interbreeding makes a pure-bred hog atypical, but our guide shows many varieties.

Habitat of Hogs - Where hogs like to live, sleep, and eat.

Hog Population Problem - Feral pigs are rapidly spreading throughout the United States.

Hog Trapping

About Trapping Hogs - For control, to harvest hogs, or to sell them live, hog trapping is a sure-fire way to get hogs.

Hog Trap Plans - Exploring the different types of trap designs.

Build a Portable Hog Trap - How to build our favorite type of hog trap.

Using and Baiting the Hog Trap - What to do now that you've built a hog trap.

Hog Hunting

Hunting 1

Dressing and Butchering


Sweet and Sour Hog Stir Fry - Easy stir-fry with vegetables.

Hog Sausage - Cured and smoked, breakfast, or link recipes.

As I hope you understand, we've just begun our web presence. Motivated by the lack of good info when we were getting into hog trapping, we decided to start this site that's dedicated solely to that function. If you have hog hunting, trapping, or cooking info, we want to know! Have you sold live hogs? Tell us! Do you have pictures of hogs, traps, or your latest hunt? We'll post 'em!

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