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Cooking Hogs

What to Know, What to Avoid

It's easy enough to bring in a hog. But what to do once you've got it?

This represents our first step into cooking information. We apologize at its brevity, and encourage you to submit your recipes!

How to Cook A Hog

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that the hog you have is an eating hog. The best hog to eat is a small one. This is because they are less gamey than a large one.

Secondly, we understand that a hog taken when standing still with a rifle tastes better than a hog taken on the run. We've heard this is because the adrenaline hasn't been triggered in the hog at rest. In the running hog, the mix of hormones and adrenaline supposedly makes the meat a little funny. Please confirm or deny this if you can.

Hogs can be BBQ'd, smoked, made into sausage, and more.

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