Hog Trapping & Hunting

"Hunting, trapping, and cooking wild hog"

Hog Hunting

Bowhunting, rifles, or with dogs, hunting hogs is fun.

Hog hunting is popular and easy. People like to eat hogs. Hogs have a keen sense of smell, so it's important when hunting hogs to take this into account.

Wash your clothes in a non-scented soap, and better yet leave them outside for a long time before going hunting. This will ensure that the clothes smell like outdoors.

Methods of Hog Hunting

People like to bow hunt hogs, to shoot them with rifles, to go brush hunting and use a large pistol, or use dogs and then get them with knifes. We've heard the latter method is a lot of fun, but it seems a little risky for us.

What We'll Tell You

This section will build based on people's contributions. We don't hunt hogs, we like to trap them. So if you have hunting reports or ideas for this section, please email us. We'd love to publish your ideas and articles and give you credit here! Email i[email protected]

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