Hog Trapping & Hunting

"Hunting, trapping, and cooking wild hog"

Feral Hog Habits and Habitat

What do hogs do, exactly?

Many, many different type of hogs exist in the wild, thought their habits are largely the same.

Pigs smell very well. You must understand this is you're having diffculty finding or trapping hogs. If you see hog sign, they are around, but may be spooked by you.

Hogs like to move when it's cool. Dusk is a common time to see them moving.

Hunting at night is often popular. In Texas you can hunt them with a spotlight at night and surprise them.

As with all our sections, this will expand with pictures of pigs and other hog pictures.

If you have pictures of hog sign, or hog wallers and would let us use them, please email us at [email protected] and we'd love to give you credit for the pics and post them.

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