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Feral Hog Identification

Many Hogs Exist, Which is Which?

Many, many different type of hogs exist in the wild. The problem hogs that are feral are cross-breeds between domesticated pigs and wild hogs.

In Texas, there were wild German hogs released, and also wild Russian boars released. Both these animals interbreed with domestic pigs and back across there own gene lines, making for multiple genetic crosses and varied breeds of wild pigs.

In addition to wild pigs, wild boars, and there crosses, there are native wild javelinas in Texas, though these are mainly in the desert western areas of Texas.

We'll be posting pictures of pigs, hog pictures, and pictures of the parent lineage of all hogs that we can find.

In Texas, all wild hogs are legal to shoot, so most aren't overly concerned with what type of hog is in their sites. However, different hogs, and different sizes will taste differently if you plan on eating them. And also, if you're going to sell them live, knowing the type is important. If you have pictures of hogs, please email us at [email protected] and we'd love to give you credit for the pics and post them.

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