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Overview of Hog Traps

What is the Best Hog Trap?

Though the function of hog traps is all to trap hogs, there are a few different designs. After you've decided if you'll make a portable or a permanent hog trap, it's really mostly just variations on the door style.

Types of Traps

The classic portable trap is made from bull panel and is about 4x8. People usually design them to fit in a truck. We'll show you a good door design for this trap.

The other main style is the permanent trap which is made from fencing, and is more of a corral. It will hold more pigs than a small, portable trap.

Checklist to Consider Before Designing the Trap

Size: Does the trap need to fit in the back of your truck?

Portable or Permanent : Will you be moving the trap around, or will it be a more permanent fixture? How much help can you get to move it if needed?

Strength: Do not under-build the sidewalls, or the hogs may smash them open.

How Many Pigs: If you want to catch a herd of pigs, you'll need a big trap.

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